In the right hands, social media is a powerful tool for bringing Expert insights to the forefront.

Introducing Goodself: A social media platform for vetted Experts to share credible Health, Wellness and Lifestyle content with a community of Users who value health.

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Get Started

If you are a credentialed Health professional and want to connect with an engaged community, please fill out an application on the app to become a Goodself Expert. In addition, feel free to sign up for a call to learn more about Goodself and all that you can do as an Expert.

What is Goodself?

We’ve created a first-of-its-kind, healthy social media platform that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle content. The free app hosts live, interactive audio chats (GoodTalks) led ONLY by vetted Health Experts, while Experts and Users can post and share videos, pictures, and thoughts pieces throughout the feed. The platform was designed with the aim of connecting Users with the right Experts and information while bringing together and learning from Users that share similar health and/or lifestyle challenges.


Expert-Led GoodTalks

Only vetted Health Experts can run live chats - called GoodTalks - thus creating a space for Experts and Users to engage in credible, meaningful conversations.


Referal Network Effect

With the Referral Network Effect (RNE), anyone that follows someone you invited will also be encouraged to follow you, thereby allowing you to quickly grow your base.

How You Benefit


Grow Your Base

As an Expert, you are promoted throughout the platform, with multiple ways for Users to find you so you can grow your influence.


Engaged Base

We are building an engaged community that values health, that want to connect with others dealing with similar health and/or lifestyle challenges.


Marketplace (Future)

We will build a marketplace for Experts to sell goods and services, to connect Experts with each other, while also connecting Experts with Brands and Organizations.


Learn More

For more information, or to learn more about our processes – feel free to click any one of the following links: